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The article represents the main aspects of the student research club at the Department of Pathological Anatomy of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.

In today's world, the institution of higher education aims not only to impart professional skills, but also to develop the creative potential of the students. This is achieved by actively involving students in the research activities. Research work of the students outside the academic syllabus is one of the most important tools to become a highly qualified specialist, which is performed in scientific societies and student research club at the department. An important factor that contributes to the professional training of future professionals is the possibility of close cooperation of the student with the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department. It is the teacher who has an immense responsibility not only to impart the student knowledge, but also for the ability to operate, analyze and apply it in various complex situations, which plays a major role in the formation of clinical thinking. In turn, the teacher must meet certain criteria: to show a deep interest in the learning process, discuss errors and solutions, have relevant and up-to-date knowledge and an individual approach to each student.

The purpose of the student research club at the Department of Pathological Anatomy is to identify the most capable and talented students who are inclined to research work, to acquire scientific skills and involve them in research activities. The main tasks of the student scientific club "Pathological Anatomy" are as follows: assistance in improving the level of scientific training of students; strengthen research on the issues of scientific activity of the Department of Pathological Anatomy with the participation of students; in-depth study of the chosen discipline by students; development of scientific thinking and analytical skills, acquisition of research skills and broadening horizons and erudition; preparation of reports and speeches of members of the club with the results of their own research in scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables and competitions. The activities of the scientific club "Pathological Anatomy" are aimed at developing the creative abilities of students in order for them to acquire professional, personal, cognitive competencies, as well as experience in acquiring knowledge and skills through research.

Thus the student scientific club "Pathological Anatomy" creates conditions for self-realization of students in research work and support for gifted students. The development of their intellectual potential makes it possible to significantly intensify and improve the curriculum of medical students, to make it diverse and interesting. The student's research work helps to ensure that each student has the opportunity to exercise their right to creative development of the individual in accordance with their abilities and needs. The club is such a "tool" that allows to actively develop both future doctors for practical medicine and future researcher and teaching staff for the university. Many years of experience of the Department of Pathological Anatomy shows that students tend to master the theoretical knowledge, practical and professional skills if they are involved in such scientific club.

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Kindrativ EO, Guryk ZY, Knyazevych-Chorna TV, Kostyuk VM, Labyak IG. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDENT SCIENTIFIC CLUB "PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY" IN THE PROCESS OF FORMING A MODERN DOCTOR. Scientific and practical journal [інтернет]. 09, Квітень 2022 [цит. за 30, Травень 2023];21(1):124-7. доступний у:
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