Хмарні технології та особливості їх використання в освітньому процесі підготовки магістрів фармації:

  • A. M. Dmytriv Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Department of Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Postgraduate Education, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
  • O. A. Struk Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Department of Pharmaceutical Management, Drug Technology and Pharmacognosy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Ключові слова: cloud technologies, blended learning, distance learning, chemical disciplines, pharmacy


Cloud technologies are an important area of development of modern information technologies. They provide Internet users with access to the computer resources of the server and the use of its software online.

The article describes the experience of using cloud technologies in mixed and distance learning at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University when studying chemical disciplines by students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The role of cloud technologies in the modern period of education is highlighted. It is shown that the use of cloud technologies in the educational process contributes to the improvement of students perception of educational material from disciplines, encourages them to do individual work, makes it possible to better orient themselves when performing the practical part of classes, contributes to the professional and creative growth of students, improves interpersonal communication between the teacher and the student, and for teachers it simplifies the process of teaching and encouraging students to study.

When teaching chemical disciplines at the Faculty of Pharmacy, teachers successfully use the Microsoft Teams learning platform for both distance and blended learning, pre-posting all the necessary learning materials, including presentations and videos. As you know, what is perceived simultaneously by several senses is best learned. Today, information and computer technologies are one of the most effective means of learning, with the help of which the ancient, but still correct principle of the teaching method is implemented - it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.

The construction of virtual chemical laboratories allows the teacher to more easily explain the essence of complex phenomena and processes with the help of visual models and interactive animation, to demonstrate «virtual experiments» and experiments without the necessary laboratory equipment. A set of virtual chemical laboratory options allows you to study the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of environmental processes and phenomena, models of complex technical devices and equipment used in scientific research and technological processes.

Also, thanks to cloud-based learning technologies, students will be able to learn new materials in real time, communicate with teachers and complete the tasks given to them by teachers at any time convenient for them using their own gadgets. The main feature is the mediated nature of «teacher-student» communication, because it is this form of education that makes it possible to activate students' independent work at the maximum level. Computer technologies and Internet resources ensure the efficiency and interactivity of the educational process, increase the student's activity in educational activities, and ensure the intensification of the educational process. The use of the latest technologies (forums, webinars, blogs, creation of Internet projects) in asynchronous and online modes in the process of studying chemical disciplines contributes to the formation of a communicative connection between the participants of the educational process.

The use of cloud technologies in the teaching of chemical disciplines makes it possible to intensify the educational process, accelerate the transfer of knowledge and experience, and also improve the quality of training and education. Without cloud technologies, it is impossible to imagine the educational process in conditions of mixed or distance learning.

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Dmytriv AM, Struk OA. CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES AND FEATURES OF THEIR USE IN THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS OF TRAINING MASTERS OF PHARMACY: Хмарні технології та особливості їх використання в освітньому процесі підготовки магістрів фармації:. Scientific and practical journal [інтернет]. 14, Січень 2023 [цит. за 28, Травень 2023];24(4):154-8. доступний у:
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