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Introduction. According to the organization of the educational process for part-time students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at IFNMU, the academic year can be divided into the session and intersession periods. While studying at the university, the student acquires knowledge either under the guidance of a teacher or independently. Part-time studying at the Pharmacy Faculty involves allocating a significant part of the student's time to self-done training, especially in the intersession period. The student learns the theoretical material from the discipline, which will be discussed in the upcoming period of the session independently and must present the result of the study before the beginning of the session. The form of control of the student's self preparation during the intersession period is the testing of the covered theoretical material of each discipline. Taking into account the need to ensure a certain set of conditions in which the student and the supervising teacher are during this intersession period, there is a need to choose a reliable tool for the implementation of this kind of testing.

The results. The current state of development of information technologies in education allows automatic control measures of the educational process at a fairly good level. The involvement of highly professional tools in conducting student testing requires significant time investment and specialized knowledge of the appropriate software, both for the teacher who develops such testing, and for the student himself as a user. If to focus on ensuring certain conditions such as online testing; performing automatic assessment and the possibility of checking the mistakes made by the student; identify the student by personal account and manage access to testing; adhere to clear testing intervals; to fill test questions with mathematical formulas, it is worth noting the functions of MS Forms from the Office 365 cloud environment toolset.

It is known that MS Forms from the suite of tools of the Office 365 cloud environment is mainly used for surveys or collecting the necessary information, but it can also be adapted for testing. However, the functionality of MS Forms is not limited to this only. In this case, the question arises that the form can not only receive answers, but also compare them with the correct ones and make their automatic evaluation.

Important criteria for choosing a testing environment that is convenient for the student are the ability to take the test for free, without additional software and online. Since IFNMU uses the Office 365 cloud environment in the organization of the educational process under the terms of subscription, it is worth considering the MS Forms tool in this aspect. It will allow every part-time student to take the test in the intersession period remotely.

However, there are a few disadvantages in the use of MS Forms when testing students in the intersession period.

Conclusions. The use of tools of the Office 365 environment, namely MS Forms, during the testing of part-time students of the Faculty of Pharmacy allows you to automate the process of conducting control measures of self-studied theoretical material in the intersession period. Despite certain disadvantages, it is still possible to adapt MS Forms to the organization of student testing, taking into account the possibility of coping with current conditions.

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