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The issue of the quality of educational services provided by professional preliminary education always remains relevant. In particular, they need to study the problem of assessing the quality of education not only by higher governing bodies, but also by direct participants in the educational process. This is especially important today in connection with the introduction of new requirements for the accreditation of educational programs in the field of professional preliminary education, which provides training for professional junior bachelors. In order to implement a student-centered learning system, an important task of the College's management is to provide students with the opportunity to express their opinions, suggestions or complaints. In addition, it is important to study the use of information and communication technologies in the process of assessing the quality of education, as they allow faster and more efficient organization of this process, involving much less material and human resources.

The purpose of the research: to describe the experience of organizing and conducting the poll in the professional medical college of IFNMU on the quality of educational services.

Research results and their discussion. To improve the educational and professional programs at the College, we use data from stakeholder polls, the introduction of a student-centered system of education, the promotion and observance of academic integrity, control and improvement of teaching quality. The purpose of the poll is to identify their satisfaction with learning, educational programs, their components and the quality of educational services, as well as transparency and objectivity of students' applications, the level of information support that fully corresponds to the student-centered system of education at the College.

In order to implement a student-centered learning system, we provided an opportunity for students to express their proposals for changes in curricula, improvement of educational and professional programs through surveys. During 2021, the College conducted a series of polls using Google Forms among participants in the educational process, stakeholders. In particular, we conducted a survey among college students. 211 students of different courses and departments took part. Among the many questions we also asked a number of questions related to the organization of the educational process.

As a result of the polls, we received data that will allow us to improve the quality of education, draw attention to shortcomings, make proposals to the cycle commissions and the Pedagogical Council to improve educational and professional programs and training programs. An important point in determining the degree of satisfaction with the quality of teaching is a systematic approach, rather than a one-time questionnaire. This allows for comparative analytical work, obtaining more objective information that can be used as an evaluation, and can serve as an "impetus" to improve the efficiency of the College.

Conclusions. Receiving periodic feedback from students is a mandatory component of internal quality assurance of educational programs. The college should organize periodic student polls, the results of which should have a real impact on the content of teaching and learning. The lack of surveys of direct participants in the educational process or a purely formal approach to their conduct is a disadvantage.

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O. I. Bulbuk, Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university, professional medical college, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
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Bulbuk OI, Shulepa SG, Glovyak VG, Hvozdetska HS, Bulbuk OV, Rypan VI. THE QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM OF PROFESSIONAL PRELIMINARY EDUCATION: THE POLL OF STUDENTS. Scientific and practical journal [інтернет]. 20, Липень 2022 [цит. за 01, Червень 2023];22(2):120-3. доступний у:
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