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With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the only way to learn and communicate with students is distance learning.

The aim. Analyze the features of the student scientific circle on surgery in the mode of distance learning in quarantine.

Materials and methods. When the pandemic has suddenly spread to all spheres of life, the only way to learn and communicate with students is distance learning. In Ukraine, distance learning is regulated by an order of the Ministry of Education and Science from 31.10.2013 № 1518 "On approval of the Requirements to higher educational institutions and institutions of postgraduate education, scientific, educational and scientific institutions that provide educational services in the form of distance learning to train and improve the skills of specialists in accredited areas and specialties." With the approval of distance learning, the work of the student scientific circle (CSC) "Sharp Scalpel" at the department also went online. The structure of classes during studies in the CSC consists of a theoretical part where students report the results of scientific research from literature sources according to the topics they work on with supervisors, as well as a practical part where they work directly with patients under the supervision of the CSC leader. Some classes are held in the vivarium, where they learn to suture the intestines of animals. Often the structure of practical training in the CSC is not so clear, because in the presence of an interesting clinical case in the hospital or operating room, students are fully engaged in practical work.

Results. With the transition to distance learning, the structure of classes in the CSC has undergone a significant transformation - the most important and interesting part for the group has fallen, namely the possibility of contact with the patient. The group members were divided into two groups: Group I – 8 students (25%) - students who, in addition to the practical part of the lesson, are also interested in the theoretical part of the group, who continued to study literature sources according to the topic they received and actively prepared for the scientific-practical conference. Group II-22 students (75%) – those, who lost interest in the CSC, when the opportunity to work with the patient became inaccessible. Another disadvantage of online learning is the loss of society, are the possibility of direct communication between students is lost, the necessary skills in communicating with the patient are not acquired, which is extremely important in the medical profession.

Conclusions. In the case of quarantine, distance learning is an important and necessary form of educational process, even in medical schools, but it can not replace live communication between students, with the patient and the teacher. Online learning does not provide a practical part of the CSC work, which is manifested in the loss of interest in classes in the CSC among students.

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