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The relevance of our topic is that a highly organized and purposeful educational process is impossible without the development of public consciousness in the youth environment. Accordingly, the purpose of the study is to examine and analyze the process of socialization of a person, in particular students, and their involvement in volunteering.

Student years are a period of awareness and evaluation of their actions and deeds, the formation of personal concepts. Young people try to look for a reflection of moral qualities in others and begin to project these qualities on themselves.

During the forming of the moral potential of students, it is necessary not only to provide an idea of the best human values but also to help them understand, which will motivate the actions of the younger generation.

One of the important consequences of the development of civil society in Ukraine was the active development of a relatively new social phenomenon for the country – the volunteer movement.

This movement was founded on the tradition of selfless assistance to the needy. It is a historically inherent feature of the Ukrainian national culture. Adopting the experience of a number of advanced Western countries in this area, the domestic volunteer movement is becoming stronger every year, uniting more citizens and attracting significant resources, which requires legislative regulation.

Thus, there is reason to claim that volunteer work and the student volunteer movement have been and actually are very relevant.

Defining volunteer work, it should be noted that this phenomenon is a social practice that can be mastered by future social workers outside of studying in higher education institutions, but also on the basis of public organizations. Volunteering is based on the ideas of selfless service to humane, the ideal of humanity. It is done without profit, receiving pay, or career growth. Volunteering obtains comprehensive satisfaction of personal and social needs through assistance to other people. It is the basis of public organizations and territorial communities functioning. It is the form of civic activity, as it is low-specialized assistance in various fields.

It is also important to keep in mind that a person's values are inextricably connected with motivation and focus.

Volunteering contributes to positive changes in the worldview of young people, communicative consciousness, as well as a social and intellectual activity, competence, and ability to act in unusual life situations. The paradox of this work is that by making changes in society, the student rethinks themselves. Therefore, the subject of changes in volunteering is the individual that carries it out. Such work, as well as preparation for it, creates optimal conditions for the development and self-improvement of the personality of a young human, who voluntarily conducts charitable, non-profit, motivating, and socially useful activities.

Students are the most mobile social group in the modern world. They take an active part in solving the challenges that are facing the state. The competitiveness of the country at the international level depends on its position in socio-political life, active participation in the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.

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