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One of the most socially important types of work is the work of medical workers. Due to the presence of a significant number of harmful and dangerous factors, the medical profession is divided into a separate group, which in turn is characterized by unique aspects of work. The work of doctors and nurses of different specialties of the dental profile differs significantly in the density of the working day, the volume and nature of professional activities; responsibility for the life of the patient, which affects many physiological processes.

The purpose. Assessment and comparative characterization of the presence of occupational risks in the dental field, which are daily exposed to factors of aggressive and dangerous nature, as well as the development of a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing occupational morbidity.

Materials and methods. Hygienic research of working conditions of medical staff of the University Dental Clinic in the form of a questionnaire. Statistical analysis of data of special assessment of working conditions; sanitary and hygienic characteristics, acts, maps of cases of nosocomial diseases; laboratory and instrumental research conducted as part of production control; dosimetric control, air sampling with subsequent sowing on the nutrient medium of IPA.

Results. It was found that in the studied premises, the total microbial count varied from 756 ± 0.8 CFU / 1m3 to 6497 ± 3.4 CFU / 1m3. In most medical institutions, the level of artificial lighting in the workplaces of medical workers was insufficient. The largest negative contribution was provided by such production factors as: labor intensity and intensity - 26.41%; physical: noise, vibration, non-ionizing and ionizing radiation - 25.32%; chemical - 12.77%. The total contribution of the main factors was 91.78%. Assessment of working conditions is based on hygienic criteria to assess the degree of deviations of the parameters of the production environment and labor process from the current hygienic standards, as well as after analysis and processing of data submitted by employees in the format of their questionnaires. In this regard, the distribution of harmful production factors and their degree of impact on the health of medical personnel was established with the help of multifactor analysis.

Conclusions. Thus, the research interprets the results, which clearly in the format of a specific percentage, identify those factors that have a strong driving impact on the health of dental professionals. The most substantiated are such production factors as: chemical (exposure to drugs and chemicals), physical (noise and vibration, non-ionizing and ionizing radiation), the severity and intensity of the labor process, lighting (non-compliance with regulations for artificial lighting in the workplace) and microclimate and biological (work with biological, potentially contaminated material, samples, patients), non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, labor intensity (tension of the visual organs).

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Horzov LF, Krivtsova MV, Kostenko EY, Balega MI, Voitovich VI. RISK FACTORS IN THE PROCESS OF EMPLOYMENT OF MEDICAL WORKERS OF THE DENTAL PROFILE. Scientific and practical journal [інтернет]. 30, Грудень 2021 [цит. за 30, Травень 2023];5(№4 (20):38-2. доступний у: https://art-of-medicine.ifnmu.edu.ua/index.php/aom/article/view/700
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