Ключові слова: information technologies, interactive learning, pedagogical methods, scientific work.


The article substantiates the use of the latest information technologies and various pedagogical techniques for medical microbiology teaching. Medical microbiology course mastering is essential for further study of hygiene, epidemiology, pathological physiology, pathological anatomy, clinical immunology, infectious diseases, some sections of surgical disciplines, therapeutic profiles, pediatrics. To master the subject at the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology teachers use various teaching methods, such as interactive learning, role-playing and simulation games, modeling, analysis of diagnostically difficult cases of infectious diseases in the practice of microbiological research, learning by doing practical and individual work using modern test systems and equipment for identification of infectious agents, interpretation of real microbiological research results, comparative analysis of various methods of microbiological diagnostics according to the latest technological developments in the field of immunology and genetic engineering, as well as involving students to the research work at the department accredited laboratory of bacteriological researchers. Students have opportunity to take an active part in scientific work, gain many years of experience in studying the main issues of complex research work: “Study of antimicrobial activity of natural and synthetic heterocyclics”. The aim of the work is to search for new synthetic and natural compounds, promising for the creation of new antiseptic and chemotherapeutic agents for clinical practice, to study various aspects of their antimicrobial activity on a wide range of medically important bacteria and fungi. The object of research is new synthetic heterocyclic compounds and extracts of medicinal plants of the flora of Ukraine, collection and clinical strains of opportunistic pathogens. This work is extremely relevant and promising for further research, as modern medicine has faced the global problem of antibiotic resistance, microorganisms have acquired and are developing resistance to all known antimicrobial drugs. The need to organize an effective learning process during quarantine period has led to the widespread introduction into pedagogical practice of lectures, workshops and final controls of videoconferencing, which are held on the Microsoft Teams platform using multimedia presentations and videos. Additional sources of communication between teachers and students are the social network Facebook, where a separate group Microbiology IFNMU was created, Viber, Telegram, as well as the introduction of the department's electronic journal of success. Modern conditions require specialists who are not only highly professional and conscientious practitioners, but also research physicians and, to some extent, experimental physicians ready for creative scientific research, development and implementation of new methods of diagnosis and treatment in health care. The key to successful and effective pedagogical process is the human resources of the department, creative atmosphere in the team, daily work on solving problems relevant to science and practice. The use of various educational methods and the latest information technologies in the organization and management of the educational process allows improving the quality of education in higher educational institutions, to optimize and improve the work of teachers.

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