Ключові слова: on-line learning, innovative approach to teaching, pharmaceutical courses.


In the article the experience of teachers of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University in teaching pharmaceutical courses to students and pharmacists-interns in conditions of on-line learning is reviewed.

Pedagogical skill is a type of activity that mainly affects the inner nature of the teacher: the desire to become a master of pedagogical work; belief that skills provide not only high productivity of students and pharmacists-interns, but also a sense of satisfaction and establishing themselves as specialists.

Innovative approach to teaching the pharmaceutical courses by teachers of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University in conditions of on-line learning includes various forms of methodical work, including writing and editing lecture notes, development of practical and situational tasks in academic courses, independent practical work of students and interns using modern information techniques.

With the correct organization of work of the department teaching staff the independent work of students and pharmacists-interns in quarantine conditions becomes the main form of education, which provides full mastery of courses, promotes the improvement of thinking and has educational value.

The application of innovative methods using an integrated approach to the organization of the educational process opens up opportunities for diverse, practical assimilation of acquired by students and pharmacists-interns knowledge of educational material in time free from compulsory education.

It is possible to rationalize the educational process by improving the methods and forms of organizational methodological work. Effective methods and forms are:

  • writing and publication of lecture notes, methodical materials for seminars, laboratory work, course and diploma design, practice and independent work of students and interns;
  • development of curricula and study programs;
  • development of new types of practical work in pharmaceutical courses;
  • preparation of computer software for academic courses during the period of on-line learning: formation of examination tickets and tasks for students and interns for the conducting the modular test and final controls;
  • development and implementation of tutorials (schemes, diagrams, stands, slides, etc.), new forms, methods and technologies of training for students and pharmacists-interns;
  • study and implementation of best practices in the organization of the educational process by teachers using modern information facilities;
  • Assessment with the help of electronic testing as one of the forms of organization of current control over the independent work of students and pharmacists-interns, as it refers to the final control together with the educational material.

First of all, on-line learning encourages students and pharmacists-interns to independently perform practical tasks, which are a mandatory part of the educational process and a justified way to master the educational material using modern methods.

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